Photoshoot 2.0

Welcome space fight enthusiasts πŸ™‚ This article is composed in honour of the return of the Grand Admiral Thrawn, known as an evil military genius who frequently studies the art and culture of his enemies in order to utterly defeat them in combat. Know thy enemy…

Thrawn is studying the art of his enemies in the 3rd Season of Star Wars Rebels

Having received a lot of positive feedback on my last article, I decided to put together another little photoshoot from a galaxy far far away.

The Falcon is just cruising along on the lookout for a new adventure. I tried to make the little desk lamp look like a nearby sun or planet and experimented with removing the plastic stand for a more realistic look. On their next mission Han and Chewie are escorted by Luke and Biggs while also receiving rebel reinforcements in the form of Blue Squadron.

Corran Horn, Jake Farrell, Miranda Doni and Keyan Farlander are some of the best pilots the Rebel Alliance can spare, this must be one hell of an important mission…

Whatever mission our brave rebel pilots are facing they better bring their A game as they might face three of the most notorious and deadly imperial pilots… The baron Soontir Fel, known as one of the best pilots in the galaxy, Whisper in her deadly cloaking Phantom and none other than the dark lord Vader himself…


And of course they do not come alone… A full squadron of TIE fighters joined by the Inquisitor is joining the rebel hunt!


In the meantime… Far away on the other side of the galaxy, probably somewhere in the Outer Rim Territories, notorious bounty hunter Bossk and his pirate gang are just returning from a succesfull hunt.

Already thinking about the reward to be collected for their last hunt the pirate gang was ambushed by Palob and his band of misfits. Now we might find out who is the most wretched bounty hunter in this scum and villainy encounter πŸ˜‰



I hope you enjoyed another picture heavy post, next time I will be back with some more painting topics πŸ™‚

Until then…

May the paint be with you.


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