Golden Rules – Do’s and Don’ts

Patience is key

Wait till the paint is completely dry. Don’t rush the lines/patterns/details. Take your time and you will have a much better result. Keep practicing and you will be rewarded. Sometimes it will be best to come back to the same project at a later time.

Never leave your brush standing in water

It will damage the bristles and will most likely leave it bend. Also you shouldn’t dip the whole brush into water but merely the tip.


I can’t stress this point enough. If your paint is too thick it will be harder to paint onto your model. You can more easily correct mistakes when the paint is still wet and it is easier to transition between colours when the paint is thinner. You will also not lose any details on the model when using thinned paints.
Try to go for the consistency of coffee cream or milk

Take care of your brushes

Wash/rinse them after every use. Use a brush cleaner if you don’t use them for a while. Caring for your brushes (really for everything in life) will make sure they have a longer life and you will have better painting results.

Always start with the least visible part of the model

Much easier to “hide” mistakes and try out paints.

Make sure you have a good light source

A small desk lamp that you can adjust will do for most purposes. Your painting light should be better than your gaming light, that way your repaints will always look good on a game table ๐Ÿ˜‰

Never forget to have fun!

Otherwise, what’s the point? ๐Ÿ˜€

coffee not paint water

every painter knows this problem


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